TUMC is active in offering help to the local and global community through its missions ministry.  The on-going projects that the church supports are: Food Pantry, Red Bird Mission, Hillcrest House, Heifer Project, CROP Hunger Walk, and Congregational Care.


Food Pantry
The TUMC Food Pantry began in 2009 and is a member of the Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York. It is located in Fellowship Hall and open from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. on the last Thursday of the month, with the exceptions of the holiday months of November and December when the distribution is typically scheduled a week earlier. Those needing emergency food supplies are encouraged to call the church office at (845) 223-3152, and arrangements will be made to provide food before the scheduled distribution date. The church secretary has office hours Wednesday afternoons, 3:30-6:30, but phone messages are checked frequently, so someone will get back to you. People are advised to arrive early in order to obtain their numbered tickets for food distribution. Newcomers will need to fill out a simple intake form and show photo ID, prior to receiving food.  Identification is needed for every member of the household. Those who have come numerous times simply need to check in, so that we have an accurate account of those we have served. For more information, to make a donation or to assist at the food distribution, please call either the church office or Marcia Grant at (845) 223-5489.

Congregational Care

Congregational care is the "heart" of the church. It ensures all people are receiving the nurture and care that they need, whether it be shut-ins, people in physical, emotional or spiritual hardship. Some of the programs offered through Congregational Care are:


Trinity Bears, a caring ministry which began in 1998. Its members do what a good friend would, providing emotional support by sending cards and keeping in touch with shut-ins and making sure that people feel welcome at church gatherings. They also offer practical help by running errands, providing transportation for those unable to drive and preparing meals for those who are recovering from illness or experiencing difficult times. 

Prayer Chain allows congregants to have spiritual uplifting through prayer. The Pastor receives a request from an individual or through a second party for prayers. The Pastor initiates the prayer chain and members of the chain pray in answer to the request. 


Red Bird Mission
Red Bird Mission is a ministry in Appalachia, which runs a medical clinic and school, in addition to numerous programs in health, housing and community outreach. Every year they collect over 1.5 million Campbell soup labels. The labels have helped to save over $500,000 in the purchase of resources, including vans. Labels can be deposited in Fellowship Hall.

Hillcrest House
Hillcrest House, the local homeless shelter, continues to be a community need. A hearty meal for 60 is prepared by a team of church members, and volunteers serve the meal at Hillcrest House, from 8:00 - 10:00 p.m. quarterly. Members of the congregation also donate men's and women's pajamas, robes, slippers, towels, blankets & toiletries. Donations can be left in Fellowship Hall.

Heifer Project
Heifer Project provides livestock and training to families. The livestock is a source of nutrition and income to help families escape hunger and poverty. Heifer Project is also focusing on families affected by AIDS.  

CROP Hunger Walk
Every year our church participates in CROP Walk to raise funds to fight hunger. We walk to remember the millions of people who must walk every day for food, water, shelter, to escape violence, find employment, to farm, and survive.